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In order to streamline support requests and better serve our customers, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned with a unique ticket number which is used to track the progress and communications online. We keep and provide complete archives and history of all your support cases and resolutions. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket and create an account.

  • Technical Support to users and general system integrators during normal office hours
  • Pre-sales technical support for Certified System Integrator (non-commercial issues here)
  • Maintenance Support with an Active SLA Contract, or Certified System Integrators 7x24x365
  • Quality Issues for Non-Conformity Reports (Internal or External)
  • On-going project, job, service, training course, operations (Contract ID, Project Job ID, your own PO#)

Language (Idioma): We prefer to use English language for easier escalation purposes. Puede ingresar en idioma español. Também pode ingressar em sua língua nativa portuguesa.


Important: If you need commercial, sales or administrative assistance you must contact us through the  Customer Portal you can access from  here. Branch Office phone numbers are provided  here. If your company has an Active Maintenance Contract a dedicated 0800 line has been provided to your company.

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